The Twelfth Imam . Shia

Peace be on you, O the spring and the essence of life, O imam Mahdi

The Twelfth Imam . Shia

Peace be on you, O the spring and the essence of life, O imam Mahdi

The Twelfth Imam . Shia

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Merry Christmas

Monday, 23 December 2019، 02:38 PM




Peace and blessings of the Lord be upon you. 

Merry Christmas my dear friends. 🎉 I hope all is well and having fun with family and friends. Whether you believe in Jesus Christ (pbuh) or not, celebrate this or not, I still think Christmas is about bringing love and joy to all we can. 💖

This world 🌎 we live in, it's too often devoid of love. And the system's trampled victims lie in the cold this winter, ☃️ perhaps wrapped in nothing but old clothes barely insulating against the cold, newspapers, and the chill of winter. Maybe we look down on them, think they're just lazy people, whatever their story for being out in the cold, shivering, maybe alone, the fact remains that they ARE cold, they ARE hungry, and they DO need help. 
We have the resources to help them no matter how little we have. Maybe just providing some company to those who lack the warmth of family love? Or hot water, the food from last night's big feast that shouldn't go into our dustbin for no good reason, every little helps.  Sure it may sound cliche, but it only sounds cliche because that's what it should be, the norm. So let's help someone less fortunate than us today. The joy we get from giving is often tenfold the joy from recieving.

Will you stand up to make the cold of winter more bearable for those the system has crushed? Let's share our happiness and love with them in the world where humanly has lost its way.... 💖


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Merry Christmas to all Muslims and Christians

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